Foods to Avoid for Health Teeth

Most people think that they can eat whatever they want as long as they brush and floss. While flossing and brushing are important, so is the kinds of foods you eat. Many foods can cause serious plaque buildup that can greatly harm your teeth, not matter how much you take care of them. So, if […]

How to Develop Early Brushing Habits

Learning how to take proper care of your teeth is important at any age, but to make dental health a life-long priority, it’s best to start young. Ask any parent, getting your kids to brush their teeth can be a nightmare (yes, even dentists struggle with this!), but with a few tricks, you can get your […]

Yes, you do really need to floss

Our patients are always asking us if flossing is really necessary. “But, I brush twice a day? Can’t I just skip the floss?” Nope, sorry. You have got to floss.   While brushing is really important, and it does keep your teeth strong and healthy, there are just places that the bristles can’t get to, like in […]

How We Became High Cotton Greenville

Today, High Cotton Greenville is one of the best dental practices in the state, but it wasn’t always that way.   Right out of dental school, I bought a small practice in Georgia, where I had attended college. I was in a rush to make it lucrative that I employed some marketing and business tactics that […]

Don’t want to see the dentist? Follow these tips!

Let’s face it, the dentist is not everyone’s favorite doctor to visit. With the bright lights and scary tools, it can be a bit intimidating to make an appointment every six months. At High Cotton Greenville Density, you don’t need to worry about being mistreated or judged. We’ll take great care of you. Even so, […]