How to Develop Early Brushing Habits

Learning how to take proper care of your teeth is important at any age, but to make dental health a life-long priority, it’s best to start young. Ask any parent, getting your kids to brush their teeth can be a nightmare (yes, even dentists struggle with this!), but with a few tricks, you can get your kids to stop fighting you at brushing time. And, they even may enjoy it! 

First, model good behavior. If they see you regularly brushing your teeth, and enjoying it, they will. Make it a game or contest and brush as a family. This will add the fun element. Use timers, songs, or games to help get them excited.  

Buy fun toothbrushes as a prize. If your kid brings home an A on project, let them pick out a new brush with a fun character or design. This will turn brushing into a treat rather than a chore.  

You can also make up a story and turn your brushes into different animals. Whatever it is, make sure the kids see the activity as play time rather than a choir. You can also give incentives for good brushing or remembering to brush without your telling. 

Remember not to punish a child if they get a cavity, as that can happen to even the best brushers amongst us. Also, treat going to the dentist like a fun activity so they come to look forward to their appointments.  

While you may have some troubling moments, keep at it because life-long dental health is good for everyone!