Yes, you do really need to floss

Our patients are always asking us if flossing is really necessary. “But, I brush twice a day? Can’t I just skip the floss?” Nope, sorry. You have got to floss.  

While brushing is really important, and it does keep your teeth strong and healthy, there are just places that the bristles can’t get to, like in between your teeth. That’s why flossing is especially important. If you let bacteria and plaque buildup, you may be fighting gum disease, which, I promise you, is not fun.  

So, to make sure you don’t have to deal with gingivitis, follow these flossing habits.  

Start with 18 inches of floss and wrap it around the middle fingers of each hand. Grasping the string tightly, guide the floss in between your teeth. At the gum line, make a C shape so that the floss can make its way around the tooth. Do this with each tooth and use new sections as you go.  

For best results, floss each day.