How We Became High Cotton Greenville

Today, High Cotton Greenville is one of the best dental practices in the state, but it wasn’t always that way.  

Right out of dental school, I bought a small practice in Georgia, where I had attended college. I was in a rush to make it lucrative that I employed some marketing and business tactics that I am not proud of, and the business wasn’t successful. I had also earned a bad reputation, and I was having a hard time getting new clients in the door. I became very depressed and was not treating my clients like they deserved. I decided that maybe I shouldn’t be a dentist, and I decided to sell my dental practice.  

Once the sale was complete, I decided to move back to my native Missouri and look for something else to do. I got a few other jobs, but none of them really made me happy. Dentistry had been my calling in life, and although I wasn’t successful in my first practice, that didn’t mean I had completely failed. So, I decided to go back to dentistry, and this time, I found an experienced dentist to work under. This dentist taught me how to be a good practitioner and what it truly meant to be caring and kind dentist.  

Sadly, a few months from retirement, the dentist passed away in an accident, and his family decided to close the practice immediately. I thought about approaching them to see if I could buy it from them, but it didn’t seem right to take what he had built without his full approval, and I wanted redemption from my first practice. So, I decided to open my own practice.  

In my second attempt at a dental practice, I knew that I did not want to do this alone, so I asked a good friend of mine from dental school to move to Missouri and open this practice with me. She was eager to start something of her own and agreed. I must admit, I actually had a crush on this dentist and so my motives for asking her to come to Missouri were a bit selfish, but it worked about because we are now happily married.  

That was 10 years ago, and we now have added six experienced dentists. We are a family business, but we are also centered on our clients. I was careful not to make the same mistakes I made the first time around, and I have always put the clients ahead profits. I’ve come to learn that it doesn’t matter how much money we make if we are not giving something of value.  

Today, I am proud to say that High Cotton Greenville is one of the top-rated dental practices in Missouri, and each year we are committed to doing even better for our clients.